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In general
We are van Aart Nurseries, directed by Mario van Aart. Van Aart Nurseries and its predecessor has over 50 years experience in grafting plants. We have decidious trees and conifers in our assortment.
After three to six months the plants are ready for delivery in p9. A part of the plants are delivered in p9, another part are put into a bigger container. These plants stay longer on our nursery.

Van Aart Nurseries is situated in Oudenbosch in the South of Holland. You are welcome to visit our nursery (on appointment). Of course you can also call, fax or mail us (with the contactform).

In August you can find us at Plantarium in Boskoop (Holland) and in October you can find us at Groot Groen Plus in Zundert (Holland).

Learning company
We are officialy certified learning company by Aequor number 216709. That means that we are a learning company for students from agrarian schools. Foreign students are also welcome.

NAK horticulture
We are officialy approved by NAK horticulture under number 20217. We have an EG plant-passport to trade within the European Community.

We have decidious trees and conifers. In Spring till Summer plants can be delivered in p9. After that plants are put in a bigger container up to Cont.7.5Ltr. That influences the price.
Due to the great variety of conifers most of them are only grafted on order. Conifers are grafted low and on a trunk.
On demand we can also graft species that are not in our assortment.

Offers and Orders
You can ask for a proposal or place an order at this website with the contactform. When you order large amounts, we can offer attractive discounts.

We would like you to make your wishes clear before we graft the plants, that way we can make sure the plants you demand will be grafted. Of course we are always depending on the number of grafts we can cut and the results of the grafting. We can not always guarantee the delivery of the complete orders but of course we do our utmost best to make sure we can deliver al the plants our customers have ordered.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website

Mario van Aart